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 NY TIMES -The Restaurant Preview 9/4/2019

Fall’s Beer Bars and Breweries Go BigFall’s Beer Bars and Breweries Go Big

On Saturday, 18th Ward Brewing will open across the street from the popular music hall Brooklyn Steel in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The 2,500-square-foot brewery’s star ingredient is a strain of native yeast that the brewer Dailey Crafton isolated from a log in Cooper Park, a few blocks away.

It has “a really nice bubble gum component,” Mr. Crafton said of the yeast, which he uses to make farmhouse-style ales like Saison No. 1 (Homeward Bound). The brewery will also offer I.P.A.s and stouts, and plans to keep six house-brewed beers on tap. Like the yeast, drinking 18th Ward beers will be a strictly local experience. The brewery is not aiming to distribute yet, said Jordan Beldner, an owner, but just looking “to have a good time.”


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Hello, World!


mug club Benefits


Each Mug Club member gets their own ceramic mug

The mugs are individually numbered and we hang it above the bar. Only the Mug Club member gets to use their mug. It’s always here waiting for them.


The mugs hold 20 ounces of premium draft

If a mug club member uses their mug, they pay the same price for those 20ozs of beer as a 16oz pint of beer. So more beer for the buck!  5 beers for the price of 4!

Mug Club Nights

Tuesday’s are Mug Club Nights. On these special evenings, Mug Club members only pay $5 for each mug of ale ($8 and Under).  

Birthday Mug Night

Member will drink draft beer for free on their birthday.


End of the Year thank you gift

Member who spends the most time with us will have the opportunity to party at a brewery for a weekend somewhere in the US…..Hotel and Travel will be included.  



If joining the 18th Ward Brewing Mug Club sounds interesting, just ask the bartender for the Mug Club sign up on your next visit or email us at Membership fees are $50. Openings in the club are rare, but they do happen. When we have an opening, we’ll contact you


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